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Guest Post: Colby on “A Better Way”

Since we are traveling this weekend, my fabulous husband is posting for me today. I hope his message blesses you! This isn’t his first time to post for me, so make sure you check out his other posts below too. If you want to follow our travels, I will be updating on instagram.

While Caroline often highlights songs and messages with powerful truths about God’s character and love towards us, I felt it important to contrast this with the subtle lies our culture and the world proclaim to be right. I use the word subtle, because as is so often the case, these messages are twisted and bent just enough to sound good and accurate, then layered into other positive and true statements.

Analyzing pop song lyrics is not my area of expertise and is probably ill-advised.  And extracting a few of the lyrics from context to debate may be the ultimate exercise in futility, but bear with me. A top play on pop radio today is “Scars to Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara. The music and vocals are great, as are almost all of the lyrics. It overwhelmingly stresses the importance of positive self-image and love in the face of our image and acceptance obsessed culture. But when a bridge of chants towards the end states that there’s “no better life than the life we’re living”, the alarms and red flags go off inside me. It’s probably because I personally tried the self-pleasing, my-way life as a teen and young adult, and soon found it to be quite misguided and empty. But oh how we celebrate the “I’m in control, no one to answer to” independence for a good while.

Finally, my point. There is a better life; a better way. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to come to their senses after living the self-centered life can attest. Once we’re exhausted and defeated in trying to live it our way, it’s such a relief to understand that there is a good (and patient) God who loves us and has provided us instruction and a model of the way to live life that is full of satisfaction, joy, peace, and purpose. If you don’t know Jesus and haven’t made him the one and only God of your life, then there is a better life than the one you’re living!

My favorite picture and expression of this is in Luke 15 – the story of the prodigal son.  Specifically, verse 15 says “When he came to his senses…” That miraculous, grace-filled moment when you realize and know that there is a better way, and you turn away from your old way of life and return back to God. And it’s not just the pleasure seeking prodigal who needs this epiphany. It’s also the legalistic, rule following, love earning, performance driven sibling in the story. Both have missed the mark in different ways. Let’s learn from their examples and accept God’s free gift of love, forgiveness, and salvation in his son Jesus, and respond and be transformed in a life that is more like his every day.

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  • Amanda
    Posted at 23:02h, 18 February Reply

    Oh I love this! Thanks for sharing 🙂 have a good trip!

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