Guest Post: My Dear Husband

I had to save the best guest post for last. Don’t get me wrong, Shay, Charity and Amanda it was such a blessing to have each of you share your heart, but my sweet husband, Colby, is posting for us today! We have always talked about him writing on the blog and trust me He is a better writer than I am, so I’m excited it is finally happening!. I had no idea what He was going to write about and just read this last night (brought me to tears), but based on what He said it sounds like He will be writing more in the future. Thanks for allowing Him to share His thoughts on here too! We will consider this his intro post with more to come 🙂

It’s an honor today to share in what my wife has created out of our desire to start a family. I’m incredibly proud of her ability to  transform our journey into a place of hope and encouragement for others who are waiting to start their family.  Her maturity and growing faith and trust have been a joy and a delight to witness – I’m blessed to be united with her as we walk together through this season of life.

From day one there have been challenges and emotions that have have tested our character and faith. Times of sadness and questioning have proven to be temporary – not debilitating. We rejoice in a God and a marriage that are overwhelmingly satisfying. Our desire for children is a good and healthy thing, not a consuming source of pain and despair. And after we become parents, our relationship with God and our marriage will still be our greatest treasures and priorities.

I’m thankful for the great wisdom The Lord has given to my beautiful wife in seeking Him and in seeking the blessing of a child. Her capacity for love and peace have overflowed our home and have touched the lives of numerous other couples in need of the truth and encouragement found in the work of Jesus. He is our savior and our healer, and the very source of all our hope.  He is our strength in this challenging time, and the glory will be His in the victory of a naturally conceived child!

I will try to add my perspectives and experiences more in the future, and in the meantime will support and inspire this gifted writer and future mother. I’m praying for all the readers who have followed our story, and look forward to sharing God’s amazing work in all of our lives!

  • Kasey
    Posted at 12:59h, 06 September Reply

    This is so beautiful! You guys are such an inspiring couple!

  • hoping to be hope's mama
    Posted at 13:25h, 06 September Reply

    How beautiful! You are Blessed and it is evident in both your words. You inspire me to be a better person in the way I look at life and my circumstance. GBU.

  • Erika B.
    Posted at 15:12h, 06 September Reply

    This is beautiful…thanks for sharing, Colby!

  • Jessica
    Posted at 16:10h, 06 September Reply

    What a beautiful testament your marriage can be for couples going through this. Well put….you have me bawling now. Praying for you guys!

  • Emily (
    Posted at 16:57h, 06 September Reply

    Colby, you and Caroline are both such gems! I know our meeting was much too brief the first time around (@ Starbucks of all places) but I look forward to spending more time with you both in the future hopefully on your next trip down to Austin. Looking forward to you meeting my hubby also. Clearly we have both been blessed by you gents! Very sweet post!

  • Lindsey
    Posted at 20:31h, 06 September Reply

    He IS our strength and hope! Love it Colby thank you for sharing and encouraging.

  • Caroline
    Posted at 21:44h, 06 September Reply

    Such an amazing post by your sweet husband. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Lauren
    Posted at 22:08h, 06 September Reply

    Brought me to tears too… He’s always such a quiet and slow-to-speak kind of guy, so it feels like an extra privilege to read his thoughts.

    Thanks so much for posting. I hope to hear more from him in the future via this blog. 🙂

    Love you both!

  • Aubrey
    Posted at 09:09h, 07 September Reply


  • Mrs. E
    Posted at 21:49h, 07 September Reply

    Thank you for sharing this! Together, you make such a strong, amazing team. I am looking forward to your future posts!

  • Lisa
    Posted at 22:30h, 07 September Reply

    How beautiful and awesomely stated by your hubby.

  • Tia
    Posted at 08:57h, 10 September Reply

    what a sweet husband!

  • Ris
    Posted at 17:16h, 20 September Reply

    I love the love and respect that you two clearly have for each other- and that you both clearly put The Lord first. You are a precious couple! Soon to be a precious family! May The Lord Bless you and keep you; The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. Num 6:24-26

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