Health Updates, CD 6 & Adios

Health Updates
It’s been awhile since I’ve made an update about acupuncture or our lifestyle changes. I can’t believe it’s already been 4 months. Some exciting updates:

  • For the past two cycles my menstrual cramps have been around a 2 or 3 on a scale of 10. That’s a crazy change from the “8 or 9, miserable, I have to wake up C.J. in the middle of the night because I’m in so much pain” cramps. The same awful cramps I’ve had month after month, year after year.
  • Finally, my follicular phase BBT temps are over 96.5, most of them near 97!!! They have always been super low and I’ve been excited to see them slowly increase!
  • As I mentioned before, I have only had a handful of headaches over the past 4 months, compared to the 3-4 I used to have a week.
  • Still no allergies for either C.J. or I!

We just completed our initial 12 sessions of acupuncture, but we are going to keep going. I love our RA and she has totally joined us on this journey. It’s nice to see how much she cares and is fighting with us! Instead of taking all the vitamins, we have limited what we are taking and introduced herbs instead.

Today is CD7, which means I could have done the HSG this week (AF came early). My ob said to go ahead and get it done before I leave, but a little light bulb went off that due to my colposcopy procedure I’m not allowed to have anything inserted in me (for lack of better word) for a month! My ob was glad I remembered and we will just stick to the plan of waiting until June. I still need to check to see if insurance covers any of it (doubtful) and how much it will be before I proceed with getting it done.

And on that note.. Adios! We are leaving for Mexico tomorrow for a 6 day date! We are looking forward to lots of rest and quality time together! If you want to see an abundance of pictures of food and drinks and beach you can stalk me on instagram or facebook! And, if you have any good sermon recommendations, please send them my way. Although I haven’t posted one in awhile, I’ve completely exhausted all sermons from my favorite churches and I would love new pastors to listen to!

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  • Nathalie Willmott
    Posted at 22:18h, 09 May Reply

    That’s great news! Have an amazing time in Mexico and I will totally be stalking you 😉

  • Aubrey
    Posted at 00:06h, 10 May Reply

    Have a great time in me-hee-co!!

  • Lauren and Rob
    Posted at 02:34h, 10 May Reply

    I’m glad you’re able to go on vacation and relax! I wonder if your doctor listed the hsg test differently if insurance would cover it! Maybe it could work! Check out the sermons from Williamsburg community chapel! They’re a little long but VERY good!

  • Aspgriswold
    Posted at 10:56h, 10 May Reply

    Glad things are going well! I’m excited to hear about your vacation!!! Have fun!

  • dspence
    Posted at 14:31h, 10 May Reply

    Have a great trip!!! Praying for relaxation and safe travel.

  • Em
    Posted at 15:46h, 11 May Reply

    A “six day date.” Love that! I’m so excited that you’re getting this time away. Enjoy every moment of it!

  • Melanie
    Posted at 16:42h, 11 May Reply

    I’m spreading this message 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are celebrating the day empty handed due to a loss or because your child has yet to make it to your arms. You are just as much a mother as the woman who has 12 kids tagging along after her. You are a mother in your heart, you go through the pain of treatments and negatives, but you are already a mother putting forth more as a mother to bring your children here, than so many others. Babyloss moms, you have endured the most tragic and important job a mother could ever do for her child. Sending them off from this life with love and honor and respect. Being strong and keeping their memory alive. Doing this while grieving and heartbroken in a society who minimizes the greatest effort a mother could possibly do…. letting go. It’s a shame that Mother’s Day is the way it is, alienating and separating women, rewarding some, degrading and ignoring others due to things they have no control over. If anything, Mother’s Day should lift up those who are Mother’s in their heart but not in their hands because ultimately, the mother’s getting all the praise and fluff HAVE their greatest gift already, their children. And now that I have experienced Mother’s Days as an infertile, a baby loss momma, and as a mother of living children, I can say that the difficulties of raising children-the exhaustion, the sacrifices, the worry, etc. is NOTHING compared to the lifelong grief I carry for the child who cannot be with me. Happy Mother’s Day to you all. XOXO

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