Lifestyle Food/Drink Changes – Part Two

As I lay sick on the couch with the flu, I’m wondering if its because my body is in shock from everything I have give up over the past week.

Ok. I kid. I know that’s not true. A little irony, maybe! At least the thought of Diet Dr. Pepper or a glass of wine is not at all tempting.

So far this week everything went well! No caffeine, alcohol or artificial sweetener.

There are two other things I’ve give up this week

GlutenI don’t eat a ton of gluten, but wanted to stop eating what I did. There have been links to gluten and infertility and thought it’s one more small change I can make. I have never enjoyed bread or found it tempting. Honestly, I think it’s boring, but below are some things that I have had to give up.

Cereal – Kashi and Fiber one – I’m so sad to stop eating cereal. I have been eating these brands for years and years and I look forward to having cereal right when I wake up. I eat it the morning, as a snack and at night with yogurt or cottage cheese. I’m so sad to give this up.

Triscuits – I usually eat these as a snack, with cottage cheese, peanut butter or cheese

Whole wheat, low fat, high fiber tortillas – I love the taste of a healthy tortilla. Use these for Mexican food a lot or even just eat them plain

100 calorie sandwich thins – I realize I just said I don’t eat bread, but I do use these every once in awhile to make quick pizzas during the week. When I make a large pizza from scratch (weekends) I was already using a gluten free crust so I’m in the clear there.

Those are the gluten products I have given up. I’m not worried about cross contamination such as in many cans (black beans, etc) or the debatable trace of gluten that oats might have.

Refined SugarAs I said in my last post, I am a health freak. I eat a ton of veggies, fruits, crave protein and steer away from processed food. I do enjoy candy and am tempted at the office when it’s on co-workers’ desks. Also, one of my favorite things to do is bake in the kitchen! But, in conjunction with the gluten and other things I’m staying away from I’ve added sugar to the list. Again, for me most of the time it’s hard candy or raw cake batter, yum!

I’m still trying to get a feel for where C.J. stands on all this, but as much as it means to me and know the impact of what we put in our mouth affects our health, I will not push anything on him and want him to make those changes himself. There too is a direct link between eating gluten, sugar, etc and the affect on sperm.

If you are interested in the link between gluten and infertility there are a ton of articles on the internet. The problem with gluten is that so many people have an allergy, but go undiagnosed. I don’t know if I’m allergic or have a sensitivity, but in the slight chance I do it’s worth forgoing the gluten to help increase the chance of fertility and carrying a baby to full term.

  • dspence
    Posted at 18:45h, 13 January Reply

    These sound like excellent changes! Way to go! I’ve managed to cut out the sugar, white flour, and diet soda, but not quite there on the alcohol yet.

  • Erika
    Posted at 19:29h, 13 January Reply

    So I’ve also been cutting out/greatly reducing the gluten (for what, 2 weeks…someone give me an award, ha.)…for cereal I just switched to rice Chex…rather boring, but still satisfying. But I will agree with you that finding an alternative for tortillas is ROUGH. Obviously there’s corn, which is fine if I’m actually eating a taco or something, but I like veggie wraps (or this new chickpea salad wrap recipe I’m making tomorrow) for lunch and a corn tortilla is NOT gonna work for me there. I spent like 30 min at the store today trying to find a gluten-free wrap alternative and could NOT find anything. BOO. Ditto on the 100 cal sandwich thins– I use them as buns for my veggie burgers. Not amped to have to spend like $5 for a GF “bun” that will probably taste nasty. Bah.

  • Haley A Hilton
    Posted at 01:01h, 14 January Reply

    Welcome to gluten free land! Not so bad! Hope you start to feel better soon!!

  • Stephanie Berman
    Posted at 15:29h, 16 January Reply

    Welcome to gluten-free LIFE. 🙂 Thanks for commenting on my blog post today. Let me know if you have any questions about going GF. We’ve been working on it since the summer, so I know a little bit. I’ll keep doing more product reviews, so be sure to keep an eye on my blog!

  • JenS
    Posted at 02:08h, 22 January Reply

    I have made several dietary changes as well, but haven’t gone so far as gluten free. I stopped eating cereal about a year ago and I miss it every morning. I also miss coffee and wine. I am definitely looking forward to a time when I can eat something without considering whether it’s fertility friendly.
    Here from ICLW.

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