Wheat Grass and RJ Update

I recently ordered Wheat Grass and received it in the mail today. Oh my, SICK!! I used half the amount recommended and mixed it with water and it’s basically like drinking dirt. However, after reading all the vitamins on the label and doing research on the benefits, I will somehow find a way to chug it down every day 🙂 Related to infertility, Wheat Grass increases ovarian reserves and lowers the FSH. But, besides that, here are other benefits to taking WG.

  • Helps strengthen immune system.
  • Helps in detoxification of blood, resolves foul odors of breath and sweat.
  • Helps balance blood pH towards normal.
  • Helps increase Haemoglobin (Red Blood Cells count) in blood.
  • Helps combat Thalassemia, Anemia and Sickle Cell Anemia.
  • Helps improve reproductive health of both men & women, increase vigor, vitality & helps conceive.
  • Help combat blood & digestion related disorders such as Thalassemia, Anaemia, Leukemia, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity (Weight loss), Constipation, Acidity, Piles (Hemorrhoids), Ulcers, Arthritis, etc.
  • Highly effective to reduce weight or achieve weight loss.
  • Helps overcome skin disorders, improves skin & muscle tone.
  • Dietary fiber helps control blood sugar level, cholesterol level & prevents constipation. 
As far as the Royal Jelly, turns out I am allergic and it made my throat swell up. After my throat felt like it was the size of the basketball, I decided to mix the RJ in with yogurt which seemed to diminish the side affects, but today I finally took it with honey and I didn’t notice any side affects. As much as I don’t like honey or the taste of dirt, I will continue to take both products! Here’s to WG and RJ!
  • Jessah
    Posted at 14:01h, 02 December Reply

    Hmm. I might have to try this wheat grass. Thanks for the info. I had no idea that it had these health benefits.

  • Haley A Hilton
    Posted at 23:35h, 02 December Reply

    Is FSH short for follicle stimmulating hormone? I thought that was a good thing cause it makes you ovulate on time. Am I mixed up on my hormone names?? Thanks for posting this it’s helping me think about how my eatting affects our fertility issues too. and It’s good to see what other’s are trying.

  • Tarrin-Rae
    Posted at 20:50h, 07 December Reply

    Have you tried mixing it in a little bit of orange/apple juice?

  • Amber
    Posted at 19:59h, 23 December Reply

    oh the things we do in our efforts to increase our fertility. Good luck with everything!

  • Azara
    Posted at 20:14h, 24 December Reply

    Oh dear. Even the bottle of that wheat grass looks ominous. Good job choking it down! Visiting from ICLW.

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