8 year blogiversary in due time caroline harries blog

Celebrating 8 Years of Blogging!

8 year blogiversary in due time caroline harries blog

I still remember the drive to Austin, Texas 8 years ago. It was April of 2012, just one week after doctors told us we would never be able to have kids. I was on my phone in the passenger seat and a quick search on google of the diagnosis we received led me to being fully immersed in infertility forums.

I remember thinking how hopeless and anxiety-driven the threads were. It wasn’t the first time I had found myself searching the internet looking to connect with those who had a similar medical diagnosis as I did. It reminded me of the time just 6 years earlier when I too faced the impossible. I was diagnosed with a rare medical condition that the doctors had no answer for.

It was then, in the car on interstate 35, that the Lord told me to start a blog. And my response? It was laughter. I knew He had to be kidding. I liked numbers and spreadsheets but I hated writing. He must have told the wrong person.

Eventually, I obeyed. Although I am not proud of it, it wasn’t the first time it took me awhile before acting on what He told me to do.

And now, here I am celebrating 8 years of blogging since that first post. Technically it was 8 years on April 8th, but I decided it was worthy of celebrating, even if I was a few weeks late to the party.

I thought I was starting this blog to help other people. But God wanted me to start it so He could help me. It turns out, Him helping me enabled me to help others through the help of Him.

This blog has changed over time. What was at the beginning a place to journal our medical updates has now become a place to share encouragement and truth. What was once a place where I posted 3 times a week, has now become a place where I write 1 instead. What was once a place where the topic of conversation was infertility has now become a place where the topic of conversation is Him.

This blog has changed over time, but what has changed even more is me. The person I was in 2012 and the person I am now are completely different, but it’s a good thing, and for that, I am so thankful.

I don’t know what the future holds for In Due Time, but I know I will keep being obedient to whatever the Lord says to do. Hopefully this time, He won’t give me an assignment that will make me laugh in unbelief, but based on our history together, I have a feeling that laughter will be involved too.

If this is your first time visiting or you have been here since the beginning, thank you! Thank you for being on this journey with me!

Also just for fun, here are some very quick facts:
First post: “The Beginning” on April 8, 2012

Top 5 Most Popular Posts:

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Years Blogging: 8

Hours Spent Blogging: too many to track

Posts: 1,150

PS. This blog is what led me to write my first book, In Due Time: Hope and Encouragement in the Waiting. So to celebrate my blogiversary, I am giving 20% off everything in my shop THIS week. Please use the code blogiversary20 in the cart to get 20% off your full purchase.

I have a group on facebook as an extension of my book + blog to discuss anything + everything. Women only! Come join us!


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