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Colby Finished Chemotherapy

Praise the Lord — Colby’s 9 week chemotherapy regimen is officially complete!

We are so thankful to testify Colby has thrived through this diagnosis. Truly it’s such a testimony.

His treatment can be summarized as:

  • 57 hours of IV’s
  • 21 chemo treatments
  • 9 blood draws
  • 7 meetings with the oncologist
  • 5 shots to increase his WBC
  • 3 chemo medications (BEP regimen)
  • 2 surgeries
  • 0 bad days, sicknesses, infections, complications or major side effects 

Right now we are in a waiting period. Next up is blood work and a PET scan. We are believing both will show NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE and once we get that report back I will make sure to share it.
We want to thank you all of you who joined us on this journey. We are so grateful for all your support and prayers.

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