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Ladies, I’m so excited for this giveaway. I have gotten to know Anna over the past year after we met at church. She is a solid women of the word, loves Jesus, and has been such a steadfast prayer warrior for Colby and I while we wait for our babies.

Anna recently opened an Etsy shop, Full Heart Design, and her talent just amazes me. She has even been contacted by a few shops across the country to start selling her stuff for them! There will be two winners: one for a knot wine stopper and another for this gorgeous ‘In Due Time’ painting. Make sure to go over to her shop and check out her other beautiful items. I know this giveaway will bless someone today. Thanks Anna for sharing a little bit about you, your shop, and your beautiful and talented work with us today!

Hi! My name is Anna and I am the creator of fullheartdesign.

I’ve always been the creative type- constantly re-arranging my bedroom, making Christmas gifts for people and sewing my own clothes.

For the longest time it was really hard for me to label myself as “creative” because it automatically puts on this pressure to be creative. But we are creative! God is our creator, we are created in His image, so we are creative like Him!

Much of my creativity comes out in making gifts for others. I’ll think of something I would like to give to a friend, and come up with a way to make it. Many of the items in my etsy shop are born from actual gifts I’ve given to others. In a way, my shop is just an extension of my own life.

Why Full Heart Design?

You know the saying, “my heart is full.”

That feeling you get when everything lines up just right, when you know you’re doing what you are made for (similar to when you cross everything off a gorgeous to-do list, but even better).

That’s what I feel when I create. There is something so special about creating with your hands, and everything here is an expression of that. Know that each item is hand-crafted and unique, made especially for you.

I’m so excited to partner with Caroline in putting together this giveaway! She is such a servant to her friends and is such an incredible voice of truth in the blogosphere! I hope you’re excited about the items we’re giving away!

In Due Time Watercolor

I love having scripture reminders around me, so I wanted to do a special watercolor for one of the verses that Caroline and Colby have founded their blog on.

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Knot Wine Stopper

Best-Selling item in the shop! Add some charm to your wine-collection or give to a friend for Christmas!

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