Infertility Awareness Week Giveaway

Infertility Shop Giveaway

If you didn’t see yesterday, this week is National Infertility Awareness Week. Today, in honor of infertility awareness week, I am collaborating with five other ladies who not only have a heart for infertility, but who also own shops dedicated to the cause. They are each so talented and their pieces not only bring hope, but awareness as well and you can read all about them below. This giveaway is packed full of goodies from each of these amazing woman and I am so honored to be a part of it. There will be three winners each winning $175 of product! You can enter the giveaway using the rafflecopter link below. Not going through infertility? Enter to win for a friend! Without further ado, here is more about each of their amazing shops:

Rachelle | Rachelleisms – I started making jewelry 2 years ago because I wanted women to be able to tell their story, the journey they made to motherhood. Trying to conceive and infertility are often part of that journey, so I have designed special Fertility Gemstone pieces that honor the struggle to get pregnant. Each gemstone is said to have healing properties that can help fertility and pregnancy. GIVEAWAY30 for 30% off

Kristy | TTC Greeting Cards – After TTC-ing (trying to conceive) for over 6 years and after 11 rounds of IVF, I realized there is a great need for support for couples going through infertility. As expected, it’s difficult to find a greeting card that can appropriately capture the various steps and stages of the TTC process. Hence, these cards were birthed (no pun intended!). People often would ask me where to buy greeting cards for my upcoming transfers, procedures, or surgeries–of course I had no idea. It was then that I realized how nice it would have been to receive a card that reflected what I was about to endure, something that captured the fear, anxiety, and the unknown that is often accompanying the TTC journey. These cards were made with the intention of sending them to family and/or friends that are undergoing fertility treatment or you can give them to your partner for encouragement. They are meant to give encouragement, positive reminders and love–because it really does make the world go ’round. Infertility is hard, but we don’t have to go through it alone, send a card to remind them you’re standing by their side. Use AWARE17 for 10% off

Sharon | Funny Girls of Fertility – I have a passion for infertility awareness because my brother and his wife had a difficult journey through fertility treatments.  It opened my eyes to a whole other world.  Infertility is not commonly discussed, and I wasn’t even close to educated as to what those dealing with infertility have to go through. Now working as an IVF Coordinator I want to do whatever I can to help increase awareness! Use 1in8 for $3.50 off

Chiemi | Bloom Essentials – Bloom essentials was born out of great passion and a desire to offer safe, natural, and healing fertility enhancing products. We all like to use amazing smelling products, but sometimes toxic ingredients which contain trace heavy metals, hormone and endocrine-disrupting chemicals get absorbed into the bloodstream that can affect egg quality. With an increase in unexplained Infertility and disorders such as PCOS and Endometriosis, we saw the urgent need for body care products specifically formulated for women trying to conceive. Together with a colleague, who has worked in Reproductive Endocrinology for over 20 years, we designed a body care line that not only smells and feels amazing but that is specifically formulated for women experiencing infertility with very unique needs.

Henderson | Madison’s Closet – The mission of Madison’s Closet is to clothe and comfort women who have suffered a perinatal loss. After the loss of my daughter Madison at 34 weeks in October of 2015, I was unable to wear my own clothing. Wearing maternity clothes was too painful of a reminder, so I wore the same 2 pair of frumpy yoga pants until I convinced myself months later to go out and purchase something that fit properly. When you lose a child, a part of your confidence and self-esteem is lost too. I hated my body for not providing my daughter safe passage into this world. With only ill-fitting clothing to wear, I felt even worse about myself. We provide complimentary donated clothing to women who have lost a child from an online boutique. Women can “shop” out store and choose the items in the size and style that suit their needs and lifestyle, and we ship free of charge to their home. Use INDUETIME for 10% off

Me | In Due Time Devotional – The last item is from me and if you are new to this blog and have never heard of it, I wrote a 60-day devotional for those who are looking for hope and encouragement in the waiting. You can use NIAW15 for 15% off

1st Place

In Due Time Devotional, Necklace, T-shirt, Mug, Bracelet, Body Wash, Socks, 2 Greeting Cards

2nd Place

In Due Time Devotional, Necklace, T-shirt, Mug, Bracelet, Body Wash, Body Wash, Socks, 1 Greeting Cards

3rd Place

In Due Time Devotional, Necklace, T-shirt, Mug, Bracelet, Body Wash, 1 Greeting Cards

Infertility Awareness Week Giveaway


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  • Rebecca Jo
    Posted at 10:25h, 25 April Reply

    Such a fun giveaway. Loved entering … love the attention all your amazing ladies give to this fight

  • Patricia
    Posted at 02:27h, 01 May Reply

    These items are all so special! What beautiful hearts these women have!

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