Happy Mother's Day in due time blog

My Thoughts on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day in due time blog

Can I be honest? Today is my 8th Mother’s Day with no babies in my arms and it’s also my 8th Mother’s Day to have a blog where I share my thoughts on Mother’s Day. My problem? I feel like I have nothing new to say that I haven’t already shared in prior years.

Just like in 2015, I still believe we can live in victory on this day! I believe we need to seek God’s perspective instead of focusing on our natural circumstances and when we do? It will enable us to live as victors, instead of victims.

Just like in 2016, My heart still goes out to all the women who are hurting on this Mother’s Day, including the woman who recently lost their mom, the woman who recently lost their child or the woman who wants to be a mom.

Just like in 2017, I am still shouting for joy, just as it says in Isaiah 54:1, “Shout for joy, O barren one.” I think this is the best thing we can do, especially when in a barren season and especially on Mother’s Day.

Just like in 2018, I am celebrating today! I believe one of the most beautiful things we can do is thank God in advance for what we are asking Him to do. I believe Mother’s Day should be a day of celebration, a day we celebrate before the miracle even comes.

And just like last year in 2019, I am full of hope this Mother’s Day and I believe you should be too. I am full of hope because I have encountered the God of hope and He enables us to live with hope, even when facing hopeless circumstances.

So where does that leave me this year? It’s been 8 years into the journey with nothing tangible to show for all the prayers that we have prayed. Nothing has changed in our natural circumstances. And yet as I already mentioned my thoughts are the same. I am still praising God before my miracle, because praise is a lifestyle to me, it’s not based on if I have a baby in my arms. I am still choosing to live in victory and hope and I am still shouting with joy and expanding my tents, just as Isaiah 54 says to do.

Although nothing has changed about my situation and I don’t yet have a baby in my arms, I am celebrating this Mother’s Day. I am celebrating the Moms in the Making, who will one day be Moms. I am celebrating my friends and sister-in-laws who are moms and I am celebrating my own mom and mother-in-law. One thing I have learned is celebrating what God has done in others and for others, even when it’s the one thing I want, is one of the best things to do in the wait.

I don’t know if you are a mom or want to be a mom, but wherever you are on the journey to motherhood I hope you do not let one day steal your joy. I hope you partner up with what God is doing as you celebrate those around you and thank Him in advance for the prayers you are asking Him to answer. Today can and should be a great day and I hope for you it is!

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