Sweet friends

I have mentioned this many times already, but it’s when you are on a journey like this that you realize who your true friends are. The friends who fight for you. The friends who pray for you, and over you. The friends who walk the journey with you and are engaged in each doctor’s appointment, each test, and each step of the way.

I received this email from a friend on Mother’s Day and was taken back with tears, so I wanted to share as I’ll probably never forget her acknowledging me on Mother’s Day.

My heart is brimming with love for you and hope for you today, on Mother’s Day, a day that if there were no sin and effects of brokenness in our world, you would be celebrating already. And yet, sin demanded our savior, and He is so good!
I’m thinking today about the blessings he has already poured into your life, the amazing godly man that He brought into your life to love and serve you well, the means He gave you to travel (yay for Mexico!!), the friendships He has ordained, like ours. The Lord is so good, and you are living joyfully and praying continually to Christ, and He will bless you!
I know that with Christ everything is possible. And that He wants every good and perfect thing for you and CJ. I am praying today that he overwhelms you with His goodness and faithfulness, that He brings to you floods of memories about His blessings to you, and that for today His love for you would fill you so completely that it would be enough. That you would not yearn or feel disheartened today. He is faithful. He is good. And a day is soon coming that our bodies will be healed and restored, and He does not withhold all restoration from us here on earth. In fact, we start to taste that redemption now. Would He strengthen you, embolden you, and wrap His arms around you today to take on this Mother’s Day with joy and singing, knowing His plans for you, to prosper you and make His name great.
I love you dearly, friend. Enjoy your beautiful day in Mexico with your love.

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