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Thank you 2022 Moms in the Making Conference Sponsors

Just a few weeks ago we had our 6th Moms in the Making conference, which is a faith-based conference for women going infertility. This conference is made possible because of generous donors and sponsors and today, I wanted to dedicate a post to specifically thank and highlight our 2022 conference sponsors. 

Each of these small shops and large companies partnered with us for our event his year. We are so thankful to have the honor to partner with such wonderful businesses and people. In addition to the sponsors, we want thank those who donated finances, product or services. We are so thankful to all of you!

Thank You Sponsors!


Infertility Fertility Faith based Christian Sponsors

Streams Ministries – Streams Ministries exists to reveal God’s will to a world longing for hope by equipping believers to hear and understand God, fostering healthy prophetic ministry in local churches, and helping mature prophetic ministry into its potential. Streams desires to reveal God, awaken dreams and change lives. Streams was founded by John Paul Jackson and is now led by John Thomas. 

Dallas IVF – Dr Ku The Dallas IVF reproductive endocrinologists and team of fertility specialists are devoted to helping our patients become parents, and facing the medical and emotional challenges together.

DFW Fertility Associates – Offers a full range of fertility treatment, diagnosis and testing services, including third-party donor services and an in-house egg donation agency. Dallas Fertility has three locations and five doctors.

VN Nutrition – Whole body approach to gaining confidence in restoring and regulating your period and optimizing your fertility 

Temp Drop – Fertility and Ovulation Tracking

Flanders Skincare – Rash Ointment to treat, soothe, & protect skin from diaper rash & other skin irritants. Founded by two licensed pharmacists in 1986 by Kevin Floyd and Gary Anderson.

MD Kids – Pediatric office in DFW

SymptoPro – Scientific based fertility charting method


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