In Due Time: Hope & Encouragement in the Waiting

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60-Day Devotional. 154 pages.

Written & Signed & Personalized by Caroline Harries

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Reviews (29)

29 reviews for In Due Time: Hope & Encouragement in the Waiting

  1. Cecily H. (verified owner)

    This devotional is the perfect read for anyone in a “season of waiting!” If you are waiting for a spouse, new job, baby, etc. this book will bring you encouragement! There were so many times that the daily devotional spoke right to my heart and was exactly what I needed at that moment! I highly recommend it!

  2. Sarah Jane (verified owner)

    Love, love, love this devotional. Every page encourages me and just when I think, “that was my favorite”, I’m reading another day that I’m even more encouraged by. I feel God has gifted Caroline with the words to say and the encouragement to point readers back to the Bible for the ultimate hope.

  3. Melissa

    I have been a Christian for many years, and feel like sometimes the things we say to each other during a season of waiting, loss or hardship is the same. It can feel empty after years of hearing the same thing. This book is different. It brings fresh perspective and new encouragement. Each day, after reading, I felt so encouraged… like fresh air had been breathed into my heart. This is a great book to add to any library… so good!

  4. Tareja Mitchem (verified owner)

    This book is packed with blessings from the truth, love, and power of God’s word. In my season of waiting for motherhood, Jesus sent Caroline to come along side me and encourage me to keep praying and having hope for us to have a child of our own. Her “realness” and vulnerability have helped me to overcome my some of my biggest insecurities and fears in this time waiting. Her style of writing flows so well; it feels like you are on a coffee date with a friend instead of just reading on your own. I am a part of an infertility support group in my area, and I definitely plan on sharing this gem with all of the ladies. Caroline, thank you for your willingness to humble yourself to be a vessel and share the love God in such a real way!!

  5. Kalyn Gereg (verified owner)

    This devotional has brought me so much comfort! Caroline reminds me to put my hope in Christ alone and believe in His goodness while waiting!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and His truth!!

  6. Karen Huddle (verified owner)

    I am thoroughly enjoying this devotional – it’s applicable to all types of waiting, not just Caroline’s specific situation. She is teaching us not to grow weary in our waiting, but to grow closer to God. She writes with clear prose and relates verses to practical applications I can do. I will be rereading often.

  7. Laura Retter

    No matter what you’re waiting for in life, this devotional is an inspiration! It’s clear, practical and easy to relate to. As someone who has found it hard to commit to completing devotionals in the past, I found In Due Time easy to work through because of the joy it brought me. I found myself ready days’ worth at a time–completing it in much fewer than 60 days! Thank you Caroline for your willingness to share what God has laid on your heart!

  8. Amber Telle (verified owner)

    I have been enjoying this book so much! It lifts me up on days when I need encouragement and keeps my eyes fixed on God. This devotional is a short read that’s full of hope no matter what you are waiting on, reminding you of God’s truths and that you are not alone in your journey.

  9. Kristine

    This book is so full of encouragement. Caroline truly put her heart into this book and it really shows. The Bible teachings throughout the book are so timely as well as the little parts of her life that are exposed. I would recommend this book for anyone in a season of waiting. This book will fill you with hope and bring you closer to God in your waiting season.

  10. Jennifer Si

    This book came perfectly in time for me at my lowest point of waiting.
    The daily messages and application questions really spoke to me.
    I highly recommend this book to anyone who is in their season of waiting.
    Thanks Caroline for starting this blog and pouring out your time and efforts into writing this book.

  11. Betsy Herman (verified owner)

    Caroline is one of my favorite writers on the topic of trusting God during difficult seasons. This devotional book is sure to encourage many who are in the waiting.

  12. Chelsey Jacobitz (verified owner)

    This devotional is flat out amazing! It’s such an answer to settle the mind and a great source of encouragement for anyone in a time of waiting!

  13. Jessica (verified owner)

    I love the way Caroline writes heartfelt encouragement that is so biblically based. This devotional renewed my heart everyday I read it and I am so thankful to God for Caroline’s obedience in writing this book. If you are in any season of waiting get this book immediately!! You will be greatly blessed by it!!!!

  14. Odille (verified owner)

    I love this devotional! It has simple, encouraging words to help start or end each day grounded in the Word of God! I also love the practical applications and the verses in the back to declare over specific areas of my life.

  15. Bethany McDonald (verified owner)

    This devotional has been incredibly inspirational and much needed encouragement to me during my time of waiting. The passages seem to speak to me and be exactly what I need to hear that day. The passages are short, but meaningful while also giving you things to think about and pray about for the rest of the day. It is a great read for morning quiet time. This is a perfect devotional for anyone going through any type of wait – for a job, for a spouse, for a baby – the list could go on and on! I just love this book and the Caroline’s way with words and helping me to understand God’s word.

  16. C. Shu (verified owner)

    During my own season of waiting to conceive, this devotional brought a big blanket of comfort over me. My wait while trying for a baby was a very lonely process but while reading each chapter, I felt as if I had a friend walking with me and helping me through my own healing. One of my favorite parts of this book are the specially gathered verses from the bible. The versus along with the author’s words helped me to lean more on my relationship with God and to not feel afraid to ask for my own miracle. I would absolutely recommend this beautiful book to anyone in the wait for their own breakthrough.

  17. Angela Wachtel (verified owner)

    God’s promises are real. This devotional helps me to reassure that. Caroline’s words combined with the scripture, gives me hope and encouragement to wait knowing that God’s timing is perfect. I’m sure it will help anyone that’s is going through a waiting period.

  18. Kelley (verified owner)

    Great encouragement during any season of waiting. Reminds you to keep your hope in God no matter what you’re waiting on in life.

  19. Katie (verified owner)

    This has given me faith and hope. It is a very difficult situation to go through…waiting on your miracle but this book gives you inspiration, hope, encouragement and peace during the waiting period. It gives you passages to relate to and actions to actually practice what those passages are intended for. I recommend this for anyone waiting for something from God.

  20. Nikki Helmuth

    This book is such an encouragement. It lifts my spirits and gives me hope! We have struggled with infertility for almost 6 years and it seemed like many of the things I was hearing or reading was more about accepting it and moving on, which made me feel a bit defeated; but then I found Caroline’s blog and it was such a different message! Such hope while you wait! My mindset changed! I was so excited when I found out she was writing a devotional, it’s easy to read and understand and I am loving it!! I would definitely recommend this book!!

  21. Brittany McGee

    I love this devotional! As a busy mom it’s nice to sit down for a few moments and indulge in something meaningful. Caroline’s beautiful soul shines through in every page! I feel blessed to know her and to have been given the chance to use this devotional in my life!

  22. Justine Young (verified owner)

    Though Caroline writes from a place of struggling with infertility and waiting for babies, this book is applicable to anyone who feels like they are waiting on the Lord for something. Each day has a different thought, scripture, and application. I love that she weaves in her personal struggle, but it’s not the focus of the book. Rather, the focus of the book is the reader, what are they struggling with, how can they increase their love and devotion for the Lord, how can they practice patience, and how can they find “hope and encouragement in the waiting”.
    Though I collaborated with Caroline for a giveaway on my blog, I purchased the book myself and all opinions are completely my own.

  23. Rachel McMullan

    I feel so blessed to have purchased this devotional by Caroline. Every passage rings with truth and comfort in the wait on God’s promises. We all are waiting on something and it takes patience and prayer to get us through those tough times.. Caroline’s in due time allows me a beautiful way to spend time with the Lord and reflect on His word. I highly recommend this book to any and everyone! You can’t help but be encouraged and strengthened by this wonderful read!!

  24. Aki (verified owner)

    Written straight from her heart to encourage yours, In Due Time Devotional will strengthen you, and lift your spirits and help anyone know they aren’t alone in their journey no matter what the path looks like!

  25. A (verified owner)

    I recieved my copy in the mail a couple weeks ago, I opened it and was touched to see a personal note from Caroline. Although I don’t know Caroline I feel like she understands and her devotional inspires me to trust God through my inferility. I love this devotional and would highly recommend it!!!!!

  26. Nicole (verified owner)

    My husband and I started trying to have children in 2014, shortly after we got married and have been trying ever since. My relationship with God has been rocky over the past couple of years and it wasn’t until the last six months or so that I’ve started to see all the good through the storm. Caroline has been an integral part of that discovery.

    I am truly grateful I am for this devotional. It is been my way of connecting with the Lord every single day and not only that, but it has also provided me with inspiration, goodness, hope, and encouragement through our infertility journey. To be able to say that a particular person brings you closer to the Lord every single day is really special. Caroline is a gift that God has blessed me with and for that, I also thank Him.

  27. Lauren (verified owner)

    I’ve been a long-time reader of Caroline’s blog, so I was thrilled that she decided to publish a book! This devotional is perfect for anyone in a long season of waiting. It is packed with wisdom and scripture, but remains readable and approachable. You could read the daily chapters in just a few minutes for quick encouragement, or you could really sit down with a pen and journal to dig deep into the material. Either way, you’ll get a faith-boost from an author who has truly lived out the words she writes. I highly recommend this book!

  28. Missy (verified owner)

    I stumbled upon Caroline’s blog literally a day before her book released. I remember waking up the next day just having to order it! This book is food for the soul and has such strength in it. If you’re looking for a “poor me” devotional, this is NOT it. It is anything but. It is catered to anyone waiting for something, which is literally every one of us. My husband even read through it with me as he does what he can to support both of us through our wait. Thank you so much for speaking truth and choosing a joyful, expectant perspective Caroline!

  29. Kristy Mays

    What I love most is that this devotional does not pertain to just any one dream or thing we are waiting on. It addresses the all encompassing emotions tied to any season of wait. I strongly encourage you dive into these daily devotions with an open heart and you will undoubtedly be met where you are.

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