Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico

Colby and I did something crazy a week ago. We booked a trip on a complete whim. We had both mentioned that we needed to go somewhere warm since it’s been so cold in Dallas, but it didn’t move much beyond a conversation over the past few weeks. Until last Tuesday when we both were talking about it again and started look at some travel options. We knew the weather in Dallas was going to be cold, like 20, which is basically ridiculous and Colby had off MLK day so we decided to head out of town.

I am the least spontaneous person ever, so for us to book a trip 3 days in advance was a pretty crazy thing to do. We were talking about it while we were gone and realized we hadn’t visited the Cancun area or been to an all-inclusive resort in 5 years. 5 years! I really felt like we were just there and I am still in shock with how much time has gone by. Part of that reason is that over the past few years we have avoided all areas with Zika which has really limited the areas that we love to go, including Mexico. The main reason we have avoided the areas is because we usually book a trip a couple of months in advance and we would hate to have to cancel (although we would love if I were pregnant). We also have found that we like cruising more, so have chosen that option over the years. Well this time, since I knew I wasn’t pregnant and we were booking for just 3 days in advance, we could go! No risk of becoming pregnant and having to cancel our trip. And a quick update on Zika, there were no bugs! I saw one fly the whole time. When I asked a employee of the resort about Zika she basically responded “what’s that?” and then went on to say Zika is not in the hotel zone, only in the green, lush areas. So, I hope that eases anyones mind who has been asking.

I decided that being spontaneous, can be super fun, but also very stressful. I had a lot to do before leaving but thankfully it all came together, just fine.

Every time we travel we always stay somewhere new. This trip we stayed at the Paradisis resort which we barely knew anything about. We actually went in with very low expectations, but were very surprised with the resort as a whole. The resort is right next some of the very best, the Marriott, the Ritz, etc and the beach was just perfect. We have been all over the world and have stayed at resorts with beaches that are full of seaweed or rocks, but this one couldn’t have been better. And it allowed for our morning walks/runs which is my favorite part about going to the beach.

I usually would recap day by day, but I think I can sum up most of the vacation in a few sentences since we did the same thing every day. Overall, we had a blast. The weather was unusually cold for Cancun and we definitely could feel it on the beach. We spent every day in the lounge chairs, but were often covered up by towels and clothes due to the low temps and the high winds, so that was a little bit of a drawback. We did see sun on day 2 for a few hours, which was fabulous. The nights were also much cooler in the mid 60’s, so we decided to stay inside.

I wish we would have stayed one more day, but with it being such a last-minute decision Colby didn’t want to take much time off. Either way, we had a fabulous trip and we were so glad we made the decision to go, although coming back to the 20 degree weather in Dallas made us for a tough transition back. Speaking of coming back, a shoutout to Happy Shuttle who we used for our transfers to/from the Cancun airport. They were the only ones I could get in touch with and were so professional and so easy to coordinate our transportation with.

So the highlights from the weekend? Walks on the beach, lots of guacamole and 24 hours a day together! Oh, and no computer! 

Day 1 Cancun, MexicoCancun, MexicoCancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico

Day 2

Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico

Day 3

Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico

Day 4

Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico

Do you have questions about traveling? Perhaps how to find the best deals? I want to know your questions so I can do a blog post answering them. Please let me know!

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  • Lindsay Tankersley
    Posted at 09:04h, 17 January Reply

    Looks so fun, even if it was a quick trip! And I would have been at the beach, too, regardless! I mean, that’s what you went there for! Even though it was chilly out, it was still probably much warmer than at home! So glad you were able to get away and have some time together and no computer, work, etc. Thanks for sharing! I always love seeing your vacation pics! 🙂 Oh and the guac….YUUUMMM!! My fav!!!

  • Alexis W
    Posted at 17:42h, 17 January Reply

    You’re making me wanna go on vacation! Or just head down to the beach (we’re so spoiled). That resort looks awesome! That flower wall and all those cabanas…perfection! I’m glad you had a great trip.

  • Natalie
    Posted at 22:20h, 17 January Reply

    Such a great trip!! I’d love to know more about affordable last minute trips!!! I’m dying for snow so maybe a winter getaway!? 🙂 ❄️

  • Amber Mueller
    Posted at 15:29h, 18 January Reply

    Looks amazing!! Way to go being spontaneous, even though it’s stressful, I think every now and then it makes life more fun 🙂 I love my routines though! You guys are going to have so man great memories to share with your future babies <3

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