Colorado Trip // Colorado Springs — Steamboat Springs Recap

Colby and I returned last week from a trip to Colorado. It was wonderful to escape the Texas heat and enjoy the beautiful state! Check out our trip recap below for Colorado Springs and Steamboat Springs!

Day 1 // Travel to Colorado — Garden of the Gods

We flew into Denver. We already had a morning flight, but once we got to the airport and went through security, we realized there was a flight before us headed to Denver that was finishing boarding. We asked at the gate if we could get on the flight and they said yes! It boggles my mind that we were able to leave our house at 6:30am and arrive in Denver at 8:30am. My kind of travel day!

Once we arrived in Denver, we took an Uber to pick up our car rental and then made the drive to Colorado Springs. We went straight to the Garden of the Gods, which we had never been to before. We walked around there for awhile, enjoying the scenery and taking lots of pictures.

After we left there, we drove over to the Red Rock Canyon Trail to walk. What I loved about this trail was there was absolutely no one there! It was like a mini version of the Garden of the Gods but with no one around.

We clocked 15K steps for the day and we were done!!!

Day 2 // Manitou Springs Incline — Pike’s Peaks

The next morning we drove over to the start of Manitou Springs Incline. To be completely honest, I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Literally, no idea! I definitely didn’t know that we were about to climb 2,768 stairs, gaining 2000 feet in elevation with an average steepness of between 45% and 68%. Ouch!

To say it was brutal is an understatement. I imagine for someone who was acclimated to the elevation and in shape, it would still be fairly hard, but manageable. But we were neither. There is no way that flat Dallas could have prepared us for that! Wow. The worst part was there were markers along the way and I thought we had to only go to 2,000. But oh noooo, it was 2,768 instead. Imagine thinking you are about to finish but you still have 800 feet to go.

I don’t know if I have much good to say about this as it was truly brutal. I had to stop quite often as did most of the people trying to go up as well. Thankfully we eventually made it to the top and the way down was much more enjoyable – it was a 3 mile easy walk even with our very shaky legs.

After completing the Manitou Springs Incline hike, we grabbed lunch in town before driving up to Pike’s Peak. The drive up was beautiful and at time, a little nerve-wracking looking over the edge. The top was quite crowded but gave us beautiful views of the city.

After driving back down to Pike’s Peak we drove over to Andrew Wommack Ministries – Andrew is one of our favorite ministers and we have been deeply impacted by his ministry. We were able to get a tour of Charis Bible college and enjoyed our brief time there.

Day 3 // Hike — Air Force Academy

We started out our day with the 7 Bridges Hiking Trail. This was a 3.5-mile out-and-back trail with a 900 elevation gain. We were quite sore from the day before, but thoroughly enough this hike and would recommend it if you are in the Colorado Springs area.

After we drove to the Air Force Academy which came highly recommended based on the suggestions I received on instagram. However, we didn’t find it was worth our stop. Maybe we missed the tourist attractions or maybe it was because a lot of it was under construction but either way, we didn’t stay long. After, we drove north to Denver where we stayed with family for the next several days.

Day 4 // Denver

Day 5 // Bear Creek Lake Park

After attending our nieces’s soccer game, Colby and I drove to the Bear Creek Lake Park and spent the afternoon there. It was quite crowded since it was Labor Day weekend. There was a big storm that blew in very quickly so we took cover in the car for 20 minutes and during that time period a lot of people left so we were thankful for that!

Day 6 // Steamboat Springs

We left Dever first thing in the morning and headed for Steamboat Springs where we went straight to the Spring Creek Trail. This was a very easy and quick trail. We didn’t have the best weather and had bouts of rain but still tried to make the most of the day. We drove over to Lake Catamount but there wasn’t too much to see there so we headed to dinner and called it a day.

Day 7 // Steamboat Springs Lake — Strawberry Park Hot Springs

This day was by far my favorite of the trip (besides seeing family of course). We started it with the Fish Creek Falls Trail. This is a 4.5-mile out-and-back trail with a 1,500 elevation gain. It wasn’t too difficult and gave us beautiful views of a waterfall.

After we drove to the Steamboat Springs lake and it was absolutely beautiful! We couldn’t have asked for better weather — we sat on a dock for a few hours and read, hung out and just enjoyed the scenery. I didn’t want to leave.

After we visited the Strawberry Park Hot Springs which was our first hot springs to visit since we were in New Zealand over 10 years ago.

Day 8 // Silverthorne Hike — Fly Home

We started our day by driving to the Stagecoach State Park and spending an hour or two resting lakeside.

We then headed to Silverthorne where we found lunch and walked the Lily Pad Hiking Trail. The trail was a 3.3-mile out-and-back trail with an elevation gain of 400 feet. I know I say this about every part of Colorado – but whether it’s a trail or a lake, it’s all just so beautiful! This hike took us to a beautiful pond and it was absolutely stunning. We realized we were running out of time and needed to head back to the airport so we walked veryyyy fast to finish up!

We made the drive back to Denver and flew back home! All in all a wonderful trip. We can’t wait to go back to Colorado some day, hopefully soon!

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